“...the ember left from earlier fires shall duly flame again.”

- Walt Whitman

Private counseling for individuals and couples with Licensed Professional Counselor, Cory Gouldman.


That, ultimately, is what an ember represents. Ignored, it will fade away, its promises reduced to ash. But with the right focus and attention, that ember can reclaim its power and fulfill its purpose.

Within each of us is the potential for growth and change. All too often, this is hindered by reasons as unique as the people who experience them. Life situations outside of our control, traumatic experiences, our own self-doubt, all these and more threaten to extinguish the fire burning inside.

It’s easy to feel lonely and misunderstood in times like that. But you’re not alone. And you’re not crazy. Well, no crazier than the next person. As a Licensed Profession Counselor, I am equipped to walk with you in those situations, engaging each experience with an objective and discerning ear. 

Whatever the struggle, whatever the situation, now is the time to face it head on and take the next step towards reigniting your joy, your hope, your potential.

vertical ember

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