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Life is hard. I’m sure I could compose a witticism or find a poignant poem to illustrate that, but when we get down to the quick and dirty of it, sometimes life just sucks. Anxiety, depression, stress, grief, lack of direction…these are not just words in a dictionary. For all of us, they are a natural part of the human condition. For some, it is all we can see, infused in every experience, every decision we make. And it is this way because, ultimately, we have limited real control over our lives.

If, then, we cannot change this life, we must learn to change our perception of it. That requires a paradigm shift, a work within ourselves that is often painful. Anger, sadness, fear…these are appropriate feelings when we endure a traumatic experience. But when held on to for too long, they become a dark pit that is incredibly difficult to escape. Yes, you have the right and freedom to feel the way you do, but you also have the right and freedom to move past it. You are obligated to no one, including yourself, to dwell in that pit of misery. 

With a foundation in Existentialism (just think of it as a style of counseling, like jazz is a style of music), I believe it is my privilege as a counselor to jump in the pit with you, torch in hand, and help you climb out. I don’t claim to be an expert in your life, just really good at carrying a light and using it to illuminate a way forward.

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