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Over 50% of adults describe having difficulty sleeping. Half that number report chronic issues with sleep. Desperate for a good night’s rest and uncertain what to do, many people turn to prescription drugs for help. Sleeping pills, which include, but are not limited to Benzodiazepines, seem like a dream come true (pun intended). In reality, the benefit they provide is minimal, especially when compared to therapeutic methods, while the risk they pose is significant.

Study after study has shown the ease by which individuals can become addicted or dependent upon these drugs. Mortality rates increase with prolonged use, resulting in federal warning labels for many of these. To make matters worse, once the drug is no longer being used, the insomnia typically returns as unbeatable as ever. In contrast, therapeutic methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy have proven far superior in all metrics, with none of the side effects. 

I am certified in CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) and equipped to provide clinically tested and proven methods for conquering insomnia. You can find me listed at

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