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Children and Adolescents

Suicide and self-harm rates are higher than they’ve ever been, even with kids as young as 10, if not younger. Though cell phones and social media have connected us all in unprecedented ways, children and teens consistently report feeling lonely and disconnected. Now, more than ever, our kids need an outlet, an objective ear to listen to their stories, an actual human being to connect with.

I have spent almost the entirety of my adult life working with children and adolescents, and not just in a counseling setting. In my previous lives I was a youth minister, working with a diverse teen population, and a foster care case manager and program director, tending to the needs of children and families from all walks of life. From there I took the obvious (sarcasm) next step and began working for a quick serve restaurant. Though my job was to serve chicken to hungry guests, my purpose and my passion was to invest in the lives of the young people around me. As a counselor, that same drive compels me to provide an environment in which youth can feel comfortable and accepted.

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